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The Gypsy Homesteads Daily Tarot Draw for January 31, 2023

The Gypsy Homestead's Tarot Draw for January 31, 2023
Queen of Swords, Queen of Cups & Four of Pentacles
⭐️Queen of Swords: Traditionally the Queen of Swords represented a woman on her own, who had known suffering and loss: widowed, divorced or long single and sometimes childless. However, this is not always the case and the personality traits are the best indication. INNER STRENGTH is probably a good description here and this may have been gained through the experience of personal suffering, so there is perhaps an element of the traditional meaning still relevant. As a married person, she would have an independent streak and seemingly not need to rely on her partner to feel emotionally fulfilled or taken care of. She is happy and contented in her own right, capable of taking care of her own affairs and not emotionally needy. The Queen of Swords is simply a strong independent woman! She is very supportive and so long as she is on your side she is a source of strength and will defend you boldly. She isnt afraid to speak her mind. She is extremely well organized and efficient. Her work may be a good indicator of this and somewhere she may find release for that expression- areas of law, for instance, but also in caring environments in which a strong leader that others can rely on is required, such as head teacher. In the negative, she may be overly critical, intolerant, and have the ability to cut people to shreds with her words. Betray her and you wont get a second chance!
⭐️Queen of Cups: The Queen of Cups likes things to be aesthetically pleasing in her home and her clothes, her accessories all carry some small, fancy little details that sets them apart. However underrated you will find tell tale signs of this everywhere you look: her pen, her diary, items on her desk, and so on. Her home and clothing show taste and a touch of artistic flare- no matter what her budget- and her home is a place that reflects this sense of harmony she needs. She notices when someone is not themselves and very sensitive to others feelings. If she is a good friend of yours, then she will spend hours listening to your problems, empathizing, offering support, and well thought suggestions. Frequently found in helping/caring/healing professions: nursing, teaching, alternative therapies, psychics, the arts, interior designs, fashion, and so on. Romantically these people are hurt easily due to their sensitive nature. As they get older they learn from their experiences. In the negative, they may be dreamy and unrealistic, overly sensitive, prone to a victim mentality, give up to easily (so not very glittery) be easily led by others and can be manipulated. They dislike speaking out or being confrontational.
⭐️Four of Pentacles: Four of Pentacles can indicate being focused upon goals and financial matters at this time and being prepared to work hard to attain them. However, having worked hard to achieve some form of financial stability, there may now be a fear of loss, and this can lead to feeling the need to hold onto everything a bit too tightly. This card frequently appears when there is an element of being overly cautious or "hanging back" emotionally and may indicate that you need to let go a little in order to move the situation forward-taking a calculated risk. Negatively aspected, it can indicate someone who has a miserly disposition or does not feel inclined to share.
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