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The Gypsy Homestead's Astro-Vibe for Tuesday November 29, 2022

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for November 29, 2022:🌛🌛🌛
The intellectual competition continues. But...the Moon in Aquarius is Void of Course...and all things are not linear.
That Void of Course Moon works for reviewing plans. Stick to working on current tasks and making slow, but steady progress. You may feel like something is a bit off and you can't put your finger on it. Keep your private observations to yourself for now. Otherwise, they'll have a greater chance of being misinterpreted. Don't fall into the traps of anxiety or overthinking. It's okay to do what you can and let the rest go today.
At 4:15 pm (PST/USA + 8 hrs UK) the Moon will then move into Neptune ruled Pisces. The vibes begin to mellow and open doors to more of whatever you are seeking. Turn off the noisy distractions tonight. Dreams may hold a key you're looking for. Ask your angel guides and guardians to give you the signs or the messages you need to recognize. Garnets and Cloves will assist you again today. The Sun in Sagittarius is still sending rays of optimism. Today, it may seem hidden at times.
☆ The higher vibes of the Piscean Moon and Neptune will join forces on Thursday. Then - ideas, creativity, and relationships will begin to grow again.

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