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The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for Tuesday September 28, 2021

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for September 28, 2021:
Reading the room. Ooh, we have a square between the Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer today. That means many of us are functioning like empaths and getting overloaded with too much stimulus from the outside world. If you ask too many questions or talk too much people will clam up. Or, if you get too sulky people won't want to be near you. Find a balance by actively reading the reactions of others and temper your conversation. That goes for you, too. If you find you're getting very irritated step back. Moon in Cancer is ultra sensitive to noises and distractions. Work alone or in a quiet environment, if possible, today.
Kindness will go far when networking or communicating about issues. Expect glitches and missed schedules now that Mercury is retrograde. Give yourself extra time to get going in the morning. Memories and daydreams about lost loves or other meaningful moments can drift in and out. Sun in Libra needs socializing and the Moon could care less. However you choose to work with these energies be sure your decision sets well with your soul. Treat your body to a massage or stretches this week. It is taking the brunt of a lot of intense energies. Turn off the tech tonight and just be. Rest and sleep are very important now. The rest of the week is very active, especially on the weekend when the Moon will be in Leo. Grounding stones mentioned in yesterday's report will still be helpful as there are still five planets in air signs. Use Sandalwood or Lavender to calm down the jittery vibes.
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