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The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for Tuesday November 1, 2022

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for November 1, 2022:
Chill out. Amber and Cedar or Cloves are good companions today. The Moon in Aquarius is stressing out planetary connections and causing reactions to be over the top. We can still sense that the vibes are quirky and weird somehow. Mars in Gemini going retrograde is one cause. Respond by being in your core and low key today. Relax. In fact, you may want to skip strenuous activities for yoga or a leisurely walk in nature. Do tasks and projects the same way - with the least amount of physical or mental stress you can muster.
Moon in Aquarius is usually focused on the future, but understands the need to give gratitude to those who've come before. It's the Day of the Dead in some cultures. Yes, they are near and yes, they do take on the role of guide or even guardian to help you. Embrace it. So, instead of getting wrapped up in the trappings of the outside world, create a quiet space to rest, honor, and listen. You may hear whispers of love and support. You may feel someone close by. For some the energies are so high and intense right now they're feeling like they're losing their identity. Some call this an "ego death" or step into the spiritual higher vibes. It's okay. You are safe! For Personal Tarot Readings visit or

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