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The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for Friday October 22, 2021

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for October 22, 2021:
Surround yourself with good vibes and enjoy the Sun's last day in Venus ruled Libra. Finish up tasks in the morning hours before the Moon in Taurus goes Void of Course at 1:35 pm (PDT/USA + 8 hrs UK). After that, the Cosmos let's "school" out early and you can drift off into your own thoughts or socialize because - why not? This could be the lull before the storm as the Sun prepares to move into intense Scorpio and the Moon enters Gemini. Once it happens the energies will increase and things may take on a greater importance than previously thought. Check your own feelings this morning. Perhaps you'll need Onyx for protection. Or, if you're in a good space - Clear Quartz can help you clearly see how the shifting vibes are unfolding for you. One thing is clear. No matter how deep or mysterious things get over the next month - as the Sun travels through Scorpio - the world really isn't designed to self destruct.
For today, give yourself the gift of inner peace. Put some ground Cinnamon or dry pumpkin spice mix in a small bowl and let its goodness waft out into your space. Your thoughts drive your journey. Add uplifting scents and your positive thoughts together and you'll be more than okay. If this "five" year is meant to teach us anything it is that we are far more powerful than we allow ourselves to imagine. Try your superpower called love on today. Choose to be happy! Communications will smooth out this weekend as Mercury continues to move forward. Venus is in Sagittarius and that makes for a good time for socializing. Catch up with loved ones!
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