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The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for Friday October 1, 2021

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for October 1, 2021:
It's complicated. There's some fire in the energetic fabric now that the Moon is traveling through Leo. Now, there's a renewed sense of wanting to finish tasks and move into new life chapters. But, of course, six retrograde planets say, "Not so fast!". Cosmic hint: the vibes are asking that you release and renew the areas in your journey that need to evolve. It's important to be open and ready to move into the paradigm of personal sovereignty - if you haven't already. Knowing where to focus your energies each day can be confusing right now. Stay present and brush off your sense of humor. It's as good as armor this weekend to laugh and see the joy in annoying circumstances.
See yourself as a courageous and potent soul during the Moon's time in Leo. Command the energies in your space and set them to be a force for goodness and manifestation. Most get tripped up by setting time lines. Nope. Let the Universe flow, instead. Let yourself be blessed! Wear or use the colors of October - orange and black. Amber or Carnelian and Onyx or Black Tourmaline will add a protective balance to your own energies today. Try Cloves to call in Jupiter's expansive powers. There's a reason so many love Pumpkin Spice everything. It has to do with the spices that call in magic. Create a beautiful day...despite the retrogrades! Both Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo love romance. This year holds a twist, however, in that you need to fall in love with yourself, first. Be good to yourself and listen to your body and intuition. Give yourself permission to break away from the crowd!
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