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The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for February 6, 2023

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe February 6, 2023:
Mixed energies. Yesterday's Full Moon in Leo is still exerting influence over our thoughts and moods. Inner work is also supported by the Moon's Void of Course phase that begins at 6:15 am (PST/ USA + 8 hrs UK). Just what did the Moon bring to you in the way of messages or lessons? Finding our purpose is one of the lessons for 2023. Use the Void of Course phase to discern where you are and what you're creating. Moving ahead on your journey also means moving up in frequency. Do your goals support that, too? Of you're not sure what that means do a quick search on the 5th dimension.
The Moon will enter Virgo at 1:14pm. Then, we can focus on tasks outside of ourselves and do things for the good of the order. The Moon signals a get back to work attitude that you and others will feel subliminally. Wait until the Moon moves to make important calls or review important information. The body can be finicky when the Virgoan Moon takes over. Nervous tension sets in, especially if you're giving yourself or others alot of negative or mixed messages. It's time to be kind and positive to yourself as well as others. Work and productivity will pick up tomorrow. Often it can seem impossible to sustain personal growth when we're all so impacted by the outer world. Have you found your favorite crystal to work with, yet? Having a talisman or crystal you trust helps to smooth out the energetic bumps. If not, use the crystals and scent mentioned in yesterday's report. If you feel the need to go deep, use Mugwort or Bay Leaf and Lapis or Moonstone. For personal Tarot Readings visit or

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