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The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for February 10,2023

The Gypsy Homestead Astro-Vibe for February 10, 2023:
Better vibes. New knowledge. Overall, tasks and communications are easier. The Moon stays in Libra and trines the Sun in Aquarius. Mental pursuits could attract your attention as knowing more about the higher vibrations and the intangible realm is emphasized. Pluto is the other big player today - making it a great time for an astrological reading, energy work, or studying about the dimensions, benevolent beings, or where the cosmic vibrations are already being seen through world changes. While the day is still full of airy fun, the energetic fabric is more conducive to practical or intellectual pursuits.
So, how do you trust the intangible? Faith is a powerful tool, as is - trust. Ask yourself what that word means to you. Then, when you've discovered a few personal definitions apply them to your own core, heart, and mind. Mercury will change signs tomorrow. Do you trust that you'll learn new things as it travels through Aquarius? Hopefully, you said yes. Moon in Libra also loves sweet romance. The kind where you hold hands under the moonlight. Green Jade and the scent of Rose will be helpful again - see yesterday's report. Create a beautiful day!
🌠If things seem off or challenging, they are. One moment you may feel dreamy and the next you're confronted with a challenge or problem to solve. Use your intellect to move through the obstacles. Then, trust yourself and the Universe when your heart agrees. For personal Tarot Readings visit or

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