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New Moon In Libra

♎️NEW MOON IN LIBRA♎️ comes today October 6th!
During this New Moon, you have the opportunity to work on intentions that will help you bring more nurturing and grounding during stressful times. From that place, you can work on visualizing and determining what do you need in your relationships and re-examine your own role in them. Connect with your intuition to get clear on what you want from your partner and what can you offer in return.
Only when we develop a healthy relationship with ourselves we can show up as an equal and mature partner. Don’t let indecisiveness keep you stuck from taking a leap of faith and recognize new possibilities for you to improve your life during this New Moon. As the New Moon is in close conjunction with Mars, we will have sufficient energy and motivation to act on new opportunities.
Don't forget to introduce self-care routines that will help you keep grounded, confident, and emotionally balanced.🌙💜♎️

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