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Healing New Tattoos NATURALLY!!!!

Tattoos are one of those things that you love to get (if you’re like me- I have SEVERAL) but hate when they start to heal!  They start to itch, scab, peel and they just become annoying....and you can run the risk of losing your color!  Most artist when they are done will let you know what to do and what ointments to use in order to make the healing process ( in their opinion) go as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, for me and my husband those ointments don’t prevent the itching, scabbing and peeling.  Essential Oils, however have made a HUGE difference in the healing process, and quality of our tattoos! (any oil showcased in this blog can be purchased at  )

   Now I’m sure what the tattoo artists recommend help somewhat in the healing process BUT since most everything we use and eat are natural, why not try something natural to heal the tattoos as well?   In my house we use coconut oil for just about everything.  Coconut Oil is a great Moisturizer for the skin and also for Healing and Infections. According to organic, when Coconut Oil is applied to the infected area it forms a chemical layer that protects the infected body part from external dust, air, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

One known Oil that is the “Go To” oil for just about everything is called Frankincense Oil.  This is the oil to grab when you’re not sure which oil you need to help whatever it is you need help with. Below is a list of the properties for both Frankincense and Melaleuca oils to use for the healing process of the tattoos among many other things that these natural oils are used for.

Frankincense Oil



Wellness Uses

Calm and Stress Relief
Cold and Flu Season
Emergency Salve
Skin Care

Health Concerns

Cuts and Wounds
Skin Disorders
Sore Throat
Stomach Ache
Tumor reduction


About Frankincense

Frankincense has been a part of religious ceremony and used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. One of the oldest medical documents known to man dating back to 1500 BC recorded the use of Frankincense oil by physicians and priests alike for the treatment of disease and illness. In the Holy Bible the reference to Frankincense brought by the three wise men to the baby Jesus attests to the value placed on this oil. It was of great value then and even now the difficulty in sourcing makes it one of the more expensive essential oils. Gum resin from trees in Oman, India, Somalia and Yemen and other areas of North Africa yeild much of the worlds Frankincense. (…) Frankincense comes from the country of Oman, the family is Burseraceae, and the oil is steam distilled from the resin tears extracted from the tree.

Typical Applications

Ancient ritual usage and modern research confirm that Frankincense has relaxing effects on the human body including uplifting mood and heightening awareness. These antidepressant properties can be achieved through various diffusion techniques and topical application including various forms of massage. This oil is also well suited to help with skin conditions. It is a mild oil that in most instances can be applied directly, if necessary. Help with acne to wrinkles, cuts and wounds to reducing scarring are all mentioned by those that have used this essential oil. Most practical for skin application is to make a 1% to 2% dilution with a carrier oil or a similar dilution in an ointment.

Melaleuca Oil



Antibacterial Antibiotic

Wellness Uses

Cold and Flu Season
Disinfect Living Area
Emergency Salve/Spray
Immune Strengthener

Health Concerns

Colds and Flu
Cuts and Wounds
Gum Problems
Skin Disorders
Yeast Infection

About Melaleuca

Melaleuca oil or tea tree oil, (TTO) as it is often referred, was named by Captain Cook who often used it as a tea. An Australian chemist, A.R. Penfold, studied tea tree leaves and discovered their antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil subsequently became a standard treatment in Australia for the prevention and treatment of wound infections. During World War II, the Australian government classified tea tree oil as an essential commodity and exempted producers from military service. Melaleuca has been documented to kill many bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact so it is excellent for cuts, wounds, burns, and anywhere that bacteria might be found. It has a historical use as an antiseptic for the face, skin disorders including acne, and dandruff. It is effective to use at the onset of flu and cold symptoms. Will reduce gum inflation and is used for periodontal disease. (…) Melaleuca Essential Oil is from the botanical family Myrtaceae, with the oil being processed by steam distillation from the leaf of the tree.

Typical Applications

Apply topically and neat (undiluted) to wounds, cuts, bites, fungus, athletes foot, skin disorders, and less severe burns. Also apply neat to address fungal issues. Use a carrier when applying to more sensitive areas, especially the genitals for herpes or thrush. It can be applied neat or with a carrier to the face and neck for skin disorders. Add a 5% dilution to shampoo to address dandruff problems. Gargle or oil-push a 5% dilution of Melaleuca to effectively address mouth and gum problems. Melaleuca is an excellent anti-bacterial, effective against virus and supports the immune system when diffused.


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