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Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone- Did You Plant Your Lucky Potato????

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone from all of us at The Gypsy Homestead!  Did you plant your Lucky Potato????  We sure did!   Get out there and Plant your Lucky Potato Today and welcome Good Luck and Prosperity all year long!!!! 

" The Lucky Irish Potato"

The potato has long been a staple of the Irish diet. Who but the Irish could have survived the potato famine of the mid 1800's when their whole existence depended so much on this one crop? It is because of this that so many left Ireland to seek work and a better life in a new land. This "Lucky Irish Potato" is a reminder of the spirit an...d strength that stems from your Irish heritage.

"May you always have potatoes a plenty in the pot

Troubles and hardship to be long forgot

Joy and laughter shared with family and friends

And the luck of the Irish that never ends"

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone.....May your year be filled with Good Luck and Prosperity!!!  Follow us on Facebook at

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